In an industry that spits up and chews its own on a regular basis, Scott Franchuk has not only survived, he’s thrived.

A professional since 1997, the Alberta native has been involved in all stages of album production – as a recording engineer, mix engineer, mastering engineer and producer on over 40 full length albums and countless demos. Three incarnations of Riverdale Recorders hosted most of this work, with Scott upgrading as the assignments rolled in, the studio boasting new technology even as his recordings also gained a reputation for sounding organic and warm in the midst of the digital recording revolution.Many of those albums are by the cream of the crop of Alberta bands – Old Reliable and its various spin offs The Swiftys, Mark Davis, Shuyler Jansen, as well as Terry Morrison, the Shiftless Rounders and AA Sound System. Scott’s reputation is such that he’s first choice for many local – and regional – acts, but it should also be noted that his client list includes many return recordings, with Old Reliable in particular tabbing him to produce and mix all four albums in their discography.  His live recording resume is similarly impressive - via his affiliation with

CKUA radio Scott Franchuk has worked with the likes of Ramblin' Jack Elliot, Ian Tyson, Jerusalem Ridge, and The Co-dependents.

With Corb Lund and the Hurtin’ Albertans - an internationally successful, Juno and Canadian Country Music Award winning act for whom he’s Live Mixer and Production Manager – he’s traveled and plied his trade at such venues as the Glastonbury Festival in Southern England, Rexall Place, Ottawa Roots and Blues Festival, Mariposa, as well as various other
festivals, clubs and theatres in the U.S., Canada, and the UK.

Aside from his work in music, Scott Franchuk has also freelanced in live television mixes, radio production, film sound, sound design and post production for a number of different clients. He’s recorded the voices and is responsible for the sound design and mix for Rantdog (a web based cartoon made in Edmonton) and Innovation Anthology (CKUA’S science program.)

Harry Gregg
Harry Gregg grew up in a family where music was important. His dad taught him at a young age that the tiny pocket that goes unused in most people’s jeans is meant for guitar picks, and that he should always keep his “pick pocket” well stocked. And he still does to this day. Thus, Harry always knew he would make a life for himself in music, and he left few nooks and crannies unexplored in his search for his particular niche – through his childhood and youth he played violin, piano, bass, clarinet, guitar, and trombone, as well as doing plenty of singing in choirs and musicals.

Nothing quite stuck, however, until a Eureka moment a few years ago when Harry realized his future lay instead in capturing the magic of music, at which point he dropped all of his money and then some on recording gear and founded his own company, Big Dreamer Sound. Since 2011, he has produced more than thirty full-length records and recorded and mixed many more albums and singles for artists in variety of genres, and as a producer he considers it paramount to capture each artist’s individual character. Harry began a new chapter when he joined forces with Scott Franchuk of Riverdale Recorders in 2014, and perhaps ironically, he is now busier than ever as a musician, playing bass with the Kimberley MacGregor Band, Mohsin Zaman, the Dylan Farrell Band, Cadence and Nathan, and more.